Quick Answer: Is David Yurman Jewelry Made In China?

Can you exchange David Yurman?

While David Yurman outlet purchases are final sale, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

We will accommodate an exchange for merchandise that’s unaltered, unworn and in saleable condition when accompanied by a sales receipt.

Exchanges should be made at the location where it was purchased..

Can David Yurman rings be sized?

Can David Yurman rings be resized? Select rings are able to be resized, depending on the design. Please contact Customer Care to learn more.

How much do David Yurman employees make?

David Yurman SalariesJob TitleSalarySales Associate salaries – 10 salaries reported$19/hrBrand Ambassador salaries – 7 salaries reported$19/hrSales Support salaries – 6 salaries reported$15/hrAssistant Store Manager salaries – 5 salaries reported$59,851/yr16 more rows

Does David Yurman jewelry hold its value?

David Yurman In 1983, David Yurman introduced his signature cable bracelet, which quickly became an icon in the jewelry industry. Today, these items continue onto their value well on the resale market.

Do David Yurman rings tarnish?

GOLD & PLATINUM Gold and platinum are naturally tarnish resistant, but can lose their luster over time. To maintain their shine, routinely wipe your jewelry with the white side of a David Yurman polishing cloth.

Do David Yurman bracelets tarnish?

Since Yurman jewelry is most often made of silver, it tarnishes easily, especially if the piece is not stored correctly or is worn infrequently. … Use a paste form of a silver polish to remove stubborn tarnish from the metal. Use a damp cloth to apply the paste to the metal sections of the bracelet only.

How do I get my David Yurman jewelry repaired?

Simply bring your item to a David Yurman boutique and they will send it to our service center on your behalf. You also have the option to mail your item directly to our service center. To begin, download and print the Repair Request Form. Upon receipt, our jewelers will evaluate the item.

How much does a David Yurman ring cost?

All of David Yurman’s rings are custom-made for the bride-to-be, so keep in mind that prices vary according to carat weight and precious metal. All rings shown here are platinum (unless they’re obviously yellow gold, in which case they’re 18k). This Gallery Cable engagement ring starts at $10,000.

Which is the best jewelry brand?

The Best Jewelry for Every Type of CelebrationBulgari. Courtesy Bulgari. Best for Big Moments. … Verdura. Courtesy Verdura. … Harry Winston. Courtesy Harry Winston. … Tiffany. Courtesy Tiffany. … Cartier. Courtesy Cartier. … Pomellato. Courtesy Pomellato. … Chopard. Courtesy Chopard. … Van Cleef & Arpels. Courtesy Van Cleef & Arpels.More items…•

How can you tell if a David Yurman is authentic?

“Pieces should be stamped either ‘D. Yurman,’ ‘D.Y.’ or ‘David Yurman. ‘ A crisp copyright symbol is usually found next to the designer signature. In addition, pieces that are bonded should always have the gold purity stamp along with the sterling silver 925 stamp.”

What is David Yurman jewelry made of?

What is David Yurman’s Cable Classic Bracelet made of? Gold and sterling silver. Recently David Yurman has added diamonds and other gemstones like amethyst, citrine, peridot and blue topaz to cap the ends of their premium Cable Classic Bracelets.

Are David Yurman diamonds real?

In all of its jewelry, David Yurman uses only diamonds procured in accordance with the Kimberley Process. … In all of its jewelry, David Yurman uses only diamonds procured in accordance with the Kimberley Process.

It was 1982 when David Yurman launched his trademark David Yurman cable bracelet: a twisted helix decorated with gemstones. … For many people a David Yurman is a must-have piece of jewelry and continues to remain a top trend in fashion.

How do I sell my David Yurman jewelry?

Sell David Yurman jewelry and watches in 5 simple steps.THE FORM. Complete our online. valuation form.INITIAL VALUATION. Receive your initial valuation. by phone or email.SHIP YOUR ITEMS. Ship us your items fully insured. … EXPERT VALUATION. A member of our team will. … GET YOUR OFFER. If you accept, payment can be.

What jewelry has the best resale value?

For the second year in a row, Van Cleef & Arpels came in at the top spot, with a 74 percent resale value—a 5 percent increase from last year. The RealReal said the brand’s signature “Alhambra” motif is a top draw for its customers.