Question: What Will Happen If Tehri Dam Breaks?

Which is the biggest dam in the India?

ListState / UTRiverDamAndhra PradeshPennarSomasilaHimachal PradeshSutlejBhakra DamOdishaMahanadi RiverHirakud DamUttar PradeshRihand RiverRihand Dam13 more rows.

How much does a dam cost on average?

Current figures place the total cost estimated for non-federal dams at $60.70 billion, up from the last estimate of $53.69 billion. Non-federal, high-hazard potential dams are estimated at $18.71 billion, up from $18.18 billion. In the 2012 update, the cost of federally owned dams was also considered.

When was Tehri dam built?

1978Tehri Dam/Constructions began

Who opposed the Tehri Dam project?

Ashok SinghalSince the latter half of 1990s, the Hindu nationalists started to oppose the Tehri dam. A VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) leader, Ashok Singhal committed a fast to oppose the dam in March 2001. The main claim of the Hindu nationalists was that the contamination of the Ganges was equal to the contamination of Hinduism.

Which is highest dam in world?

Jinping-I DamThe highest dam in the world is the Jinping-I Dam in Sichuan, China. Sitting across the Yalong River, the dam uses a double curvature thin arch, and reaches 305 m (1,000 ft) high – 5 m (16 ft 4.8 in) taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

How can I visit Tehri Dam?

Location & How to Reach Tehri Dam Tourists can easily find cabs and taxis from Jolly Grant to New Tehri. Jolly Grant airport is well connected to Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai with daily flights. By Rail: The nearest railway station to New Tehri town is situated in Rishikesh.

On which river Tehri dam is built?

Bhagirathi RiverThe Tehri dam, a 260.5 m-high earth and rockfill dam, impounds water 44 km along Bhagirathi River and 25 km along Bhilangana River, creating a dead storage of 925 Mm3 and live storage of 2,615 Mm3, making a total storage capacity of 3,540 Mm3.

Why was Tehri dam built?

It is part of the Tehri Dam & Hydro Power Project (the multi-purpose river valley project) taken up for construction on River Bhagirathi to tap its vast potential for irrigation and hydro-electric purposes. It is located in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand. Tehri dam is an earth and rock fill dam.

Is Tehri dam dangerous?

Several non-official experts link it to the unstable nature of the rocks and warn of possible future damage due to earthquakes. For experts, who had warned that the dam may be damaged due to the seismic activity in Tehri Himalayan foothills, the crack appears as a supporting evidence.

What are the uses of Tehri Dam?

Tehri Dam is responsible for supplying water for irrigation and daily chores along with the generation of 1,000 megawatts of hydroelectricity. Apart from serving the village nearby, Tehri Dam also fulfils the purpose of being a great tourist destination in Garhwal.

Which is the first dam in India?

Radhanagari DamRadhanagari Dam, is a gravity dam on Bhogawati river near Radhanagari in State of Maharashtra in India. This is the first ever built dam in India .

What is Tehri dam conflict?

The Tehri Dam has been the object of protests by environmental organizations and local people of the region. … Environmental activist Sunderlal Bahuguna led the Anti-Tehri Dam movement from 1980s till 2004. The protest was against the displacement of town inhabitants and environmental consequence of the weak ecosystem.

Is Tehri dam a gravity dam?

It is situated on the river Sutlej. The Hirakud Dam is located in the state of Orissa. It is the longest dam in India with a total length of 25.79 km….Major Dams in India.List Of Major Dams in IndiaStateRiverTehri DamUttarakhandBhagirathi14 more rows

What is the biggest dam in the world?

Three Gorges DamThe Three Gorges Dam in Hubei Province, China, can hold back more than five trillion gallons (19 billion cubic meters) of water, according to NASA.

How many dams are there in Uttarakhand?

Dams in Uttarakhand#NameMax Height above Foundation (m)1Baigul Dam13.72Baur Dam17.983Bhimtal Dam16.164Dhauliganga Dam5611 more rows•Feb 1, 2020