Question: What Is The Opposite Of Malpractice?

What is to corrupt?

Corrupt can also be used as verb meaning to destroy the integrity of someone or something or cause someone to be dishonest.

The state of being corrupt is corruption.

More generally, corrupt can be used as an adjective that means depraved, debased, or having been made worse in some way..

What is criticism example?

The investigation of the origin and history of literary documents; textual criticism. … The definition of criticism is to expressing disapproval, or a literary analysis of something by taking a detailed look at the pros, cons and merits. When you tell someone he is lazy, this is an example of criticism.

What word is most similar to Criticise?

Some common synonyms of criticize are censure, condemn, denounce, reprehend, and reprobate.

What is a corrupt man called?

A corrupt person — a criminal, a crook, or a cookie thief — brings society down with immoral and dishonest behavior. Corrupt goes back to the Latin roots cor-, “altogether,” and rumpere, “break.”

What is the opposite of criticism?

What is the opposite of criticism?praiseacclamationadulationapplauseapprobationapprovalcommendationcomplimentencomiumfavorUS74 more rows

What’s the opposite of illegible?

What is the opposite of illegible?legibledecipherableintelligiblereadableclearcomprehensibleunderstandableapprehensiblecoherentneat8 more rows

What is another word for malpractice?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for malpractice, like: negligence, neglect, misbehavior, carelessness, violation, misconduct, misdoing, dishonesty, wrongdoing, sexual harassment and malfeasance.

Is criticism always negative?

To criticize does not necessarily imply “to find fault”, but the word is often taken to mean the simple expression of an object against prejudice, no matter positive or negative. Often criticism involves active disagreement, but it may only mean “taking sides”.

Whats the opposite of corrupt?

crooked, corrupt(adj) not straight; dishonest or immoral or evasive. Antonyms: incorruptible, perfect, uncorrupted, antiseptic, fresh, incorrupt, unspoiled.